Can a Vibrating Device Soothe Your Sore Muscles?

Playing Buzz or Bust: Vibrating Device for Sore Muscles?

Chiropractor and former "Bachelorette" contestant Bryan Abasolo join The Doctors to determine if a device that claims to be a deep tissue massage in the palm of your hands is a Buzz or a Bust?

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Vibrating Gun for Sore Muscles?: The Doctors and Bryan discuss the TheraGun, which Bryan describes as a "hand-held vibrational therapy device." He explains it is tended to work the muscles, reduce muscle spasms, break up scar tissue, increase blood flow. He says the device is capable of giving the user a deep tissue massage. He deems this device a BUZZ.

Inflatable Neck Traction Device?: The Doctors and Bryan examine if an affordable cervical traction device can take the pressure off your joints and nerves around your neck when inflated. Bryan says he found the device "a little bit uncomfortable." He says he felt "minimal relief" and did not think the device was "worth it." Bryan says this is a BUST.

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