Foods to Combat Stress & Boost Your Energy

Playing The Fruit to Reach for When You Need Some R & R

The Doctors welcome psychotherapist and author of "Heal Your Drained Brain" Dr. Mike Dow to discuss how the food we eat can impact our brains.

"We need to feed our brains... research shows that when we are chronically stressed that our cortisol levels go up," he shares, explaining that brain scans have shown that the prefrontal cortex of our brain can shrink when stressed. He also notes that consuming too much sugar and flour can also cause brain shrinkage in the hippocampus.

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In his book, Dr. Dow focuses on activities and foods that can possibly keep your brain at its best. Some of those foods include:

Acerola cherry: He says this type of cherry provides one of the best sources of vitamin C per serving, which he says have been shown to help reduce cortisol spikes and may help when you feel "that drained brain."

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Nutritional yeast: Dr. Dow says this is loaded with vitamin B12, which he says can help boost energy. He suggests adding it to olive oil popcorn and says it has a "nutty, cheddar" taste.

Pistachios: He says these are filled with vitamin B6, which he says can help to reduce stress by producing gaba and serotonin in the body.