Man Removes Skin Tag 'Down There'

Playing How Common Are Skin Tags in Sensitive Places?

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Jay first appeared on The Doctors earlier this season, where he asked a question about anal skin tags in our Medical Confessional. Proctologist Dr. Rosenfeld offered to remove his skin tag and we followed along for the procedure.

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He tells us the skin tag, which he has dealt with for 20 years, was bothersome and made it difficult for him to feel "clean."

Dr. Rosenfeld explains that these skin tags are very common and the recovery is easy. The procedure involves a numbing ointment, followed by clamping the skin tag, and then the tag is removed with a scalpel. The procedure is finished with a stitch to close up the area.

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When Jay saw the removed skin tag for the first time he said, "It looks like a tooth!" Since the procedure, Jay says he's able to go to the bathroom better and he feels like it has helped improve his sex life. He says he felt no pain from the removal of the skin tag.

Dr. Rosenfeld says many patients will mistake skin in these areas for hemorrhoids. He recommends any sort of problem in the anus should be looked at by proctologist, especially things like bleeding, a painful lump, or a fever with an anal irritation.

The Doctors note that by Jay coming forward with his medical issue that he has potentially helped hundreds of thousands of other people who are dealing with this issue.