Tameka Foster Opens up about Her Brush with Death

Playing Takema Foster’s Brush with Death

Tameka Foster, singer Usher's ex-wife, comes to The Doctors to open up about how she says she almost died after a cosmetic surgery procedureIn 2009, she took a trip to Brazil and says she made a spontaneous decision to have liposuction on her stomach, which she now calls a "bad idea." She says the anesthesia caused her to go into full cardiac arrest and says she was told she was in a medically induced coma for 2 days.

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When she returned to America, she saw a cardiologist, who she says told her was okay following her South American health scare. Takema tells us her brush with death has given her a "carpe diem" approach to live going forward.

"I'm very, very grateful for every day because I know that my last day could have been in 2009," she shares.

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She also opens up to The Doctors about the death of her son in 2012, saying she is now dealing with hypertension, which she feels is connected to the loss of her child. This often referred to as "broken heart syndrome," which is where the body is so affected by stress that it can affect your heart health and blood pressure.

In recent years, Tameka was also the subject of numerous tabloid and news reports. She tells us that initially she felt stressed by these reports, but now she says she has now learned to rise above and not let it affect her emotions or stress levels.

"I just block it out... I don't read the comments... and I'm not validated by what I call thumb thugs," she says.