Take The Produce Section Challenge!

Playing Would You Take the 'Produce Section Challenge'?

You might think that eating healthy is too expensive, but Marley, the creator of The Produce Section Challenge, joins The Doctors to share how you can create multiple meals for under $10 dollars.

He explains that The Produce Section Challenge consists of only buying foods from the produce section of the supermarket. Marley shares online what he buys and how much his foods cost, along with how to make his dishes.

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"I want to destroy that myth that it's too hard, too expensive, or too time-consuming to eat healthy," he says, adding, "No matter how rich or how poor you are, you deserve the chance to eat healthy."

He brings The Doctors his "Oatmeal And Almond Crust Pizza Recipe" which he says costs just $4, and "Beet And Taro Chip Nachos," which he says costs only $5.

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He says the goal is to eat foods in their original state and not consume processed foods.

Get the recipes for Marley's dishes here and find out how you can join The Produce Section Challenge, here!