Phenibut - Is It Safe? Are There Better Alternatives?

Playing Drs. Investigate: ‘Happy Pill’ Phenibut

The Doctors investigate the supplement Phenibut, which some claim can help with anxiety.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains that Phenibut is a synthetic central nervous system depressant. She says some people claim it helps them calm down, and react less to pain. She says in high doses it can have similar effects to alcohol and benzodiazepines.

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She warns this supplement can be dangerous as we are not sure what is exactly in many of these supplements and there have been no studies on humans to prove the alleged effects

"I think this really dangerous," she says, explaining that she worries about people with past substance issues possibly turning to this supplement, which is easy to get.

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The Doctors also warn that people should not believe the claims regarding Phenibut they read online.

Instead of turning to a pill, if you are looking to deal with anxiety The Doctors suggest the following:

  • Progressive relaxation, like the tightening and relaxing of the muscles in your body
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness exercises