Woman Vomitting Her Own Feces!?

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Playing Woman Vomits Her Own Feces?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Vomiting your own feces?! Yes, it is possible and The Doctors explain how and why it happened to one woman.

They discuss an alarming x-ray of a woman’s chest, who recently underwent surgery, and then reportedly she struggled to breathe and began to expel her own waste from her mouth.

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During a routine procedure, surgeons reportedly punctured the woman's bowel causing her feces to leak out into her abdominal cavity. She reportedly had to have additional surgeries to correct the issue and spent a few weeks in the hospital.

The Doctors note that this does happen on occasion and that indeed people can end up vomiting feces like the woman reportedly did.

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They explain that even a small cut to your bowels during a surgery can possibly cause pain, fever and even possibly sepsis, which they say is very dangerous. They urge anyone who has had an abdominal surgery who is experiencing worse and worse pain to treat it as an emergency and seek medical attention.