Parents of Child Run over by Lawnmower Share Heartbreaking Story

Playing I Ran Over our Son with a Lawnmower

The Doctors share the shocking statistic that 13 children are injured daily by lawnmowers, a statistic that parents Sean and Melissa and their son Roan are part of. They share their horrifying story in hopes of raising awareness about the possible dangers that lawnmowers pose to children.

Sean was moving the lawn six months ago on his riding lawnmower, something Roan loved doing with his dad. Sean says that while mowing the lawn, Roan went inside to get something to drink. When he returned, Sean says he was driving the mower in reverse looking to his left and his son approached the mower from the right.

"I ran over him," Sean tells us. "I don't remember how I got him out from underneath it. I don't remember how I got him in the car. I just knew that it looked like his arm was barely hanging on. The only thing that I could tell was holding his hand on was skin.... it looked like a bomb had gone off."

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Sean and Melissa raced to the hospital fearing that they were losing their son on the way. They were able to make it to the hospital and Roan was rushed to surgery. Sean Melissa feared their son would lose his arm and his leg. Doctors were able to save Roan's heel and his arm, but he did lose his toes.

"I will always feel guilty and sad. I ran over Roan," Sean says. "Now, looking back, I would have never let him be outside while mowing the lawn."

The family explains that despite how difficult it is to talk about the accident, they hope to bring awareness to the possible safety concerns and dangers of mowers.

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Melissa says, "I believe that God was with Roan every step of the way. And God, our love, and our amazing support team was the only way we got it. Everything single person that was part his recovery is an angel and every single one of their names are written in my heart forever."

Sean and Melissa explain that currently Roan is doing "amazing" and is progressing with physical and occupational therapy.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following to ensure safety when using a lawnmower:

  • Clear the area of objects such as rocks, wire, toys, which can be thrown by the blade
  • Do not mow in reverse and always look down and behind before while backing up
  • Stop the blades when crossing gravel surfaces

The Doctors surprise Roan with an amazing gift from our friends at Hot Wheels and also Good Neighbor offers the family 6 months of therapy.

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