Instant Non-Surgical Nose Lift Put to the Test!

Playing Nose Lift without Surgery?!

Is a nose lift possible without surgery? We put a treatment to the test which claims to instantly lift the tip of the nose.

The Doctors welcome plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar and patient Patricia to demonstrate an injection rhinoplasty. Dr. Dugar explains that the process involves two steps, first the injection of botox 6 days prior and then fillers to lift the tip of the nose.

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He goes on to explain that the Botox is used to slightly weaken the muscle under the nose so when you smile, the nose is not pulled down as much. He tells The Doctors that people who need a little extra support under the nose make ideal candidates for this procedure.

Dr. Dugar says this type of filler should last about 1 to 2 years and would typically cost $1,000. He notes that a permanent version of this surgery would cost approximately $10,000 to $20,000.

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The Doctors recommend if you are considering this type of procedure to make sure see an expert as the blood vessels in the nose are tiny and problems could arise if not handled properly.