Does a Curved 'Manhood' Increase Cancer Risk?

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Playing Curved "Manhood" Increases Cancer Risk

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors welcome urologist Dr. Alex Pastuszak to discuss whether the shape and curve of the penis can indicate whether a man has a great risk of developing cancer. Dr. Pastuszak conducted a study that looked at over 1.5 million men and found a surprising link between penis shape and the possible risk of cancer.

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He explains that the study looked at the link between Peyronie's disease -- which is scar tissue which causes a curvature in the penis -- after discovering that genes associated with this condition may also be linked to cancer. The study found numerous links between Peyronie's disease and numerous cancers like skin cancer stomach cancer, and testicular cancer. He believes with further research it will be discovered that there are genes that are common to all of these conditions.

He notes that men who have a curvature that has developed and was not there prior could have Peyronie's disease and should speak to their healthcare professional about this.

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Dr. Pastuszak encourages men to speak openly and honestly with their doctors if they believe they have this condition because often times it can be treated.