Why Was a Mom Billed Almost $2000 for Daughter's Pierced Ears?

Playing Mother Billed Almost 2K For Daughter's Pierced Ears?

The Doctors discuss the curious care of a mom that took her 5-year-old daughter in for an outpatient procedure to correct her “tongue-tied” condition, and reportedly, she says at the surgeon’s recommendation also had her daughter’s ears pierced -- but she was allegedly billed almost $2,000!

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The ear piercing procedure reportedly cost $1,877.86.

The Doctors explain the expenses may have been due to the use of the operating room, but ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says that usually it only takes a few minutes to pierce ears.

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"This is classic healthcare in America, putting profits ahead of patients," he says and feels there is a lack of transparency in how our healthcare system is priced.

The Doctors recommend asking about the price of procedures before agreeing to them.