Would You Use a Rideshare Instead of an Ambulance?

Playing Taking Rideshare Instead of an Ambulance?

The Doctors discuss the findings of a new study which has discovered that more and more people are using rideshare companies to get to the hospital instead of an ambulance than ever before. But are there risks to this type of ride during an emergency?

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The study found that transportation via an emergency vehicle has decreased by 7 percent in cities where the rideshare apps are available. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says he feels this is both a possibly good idea if you have a minor injury or a non-serious issue, but also potentially dangerous depending on the issue you are experiencing.

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The Doctors note that in many emergency situations, emergency professionals provide a slew of important services, whether it is providing oxygen, fluids, or medications. They also note that during an emergency, your driver will not be equipped to handle the situation.

They say that if you have a non-emergency injury, like a sprained ankle, for example, could be a time to use a rideshare service. They also stress that if your emergency is life-threatening or is something where you considered calling 911, to call an ambulance.