Family Kicked Off Flight for Alleged Lice?

Playing Family Kicked Off Flight for Lice Concerns?

The Doctors discuss the case of a family being bumped from a flight after other passengers allegedly reported that they suspected a child possibly had lice.

A mother was "inspecting" her 6-year-old daughter's scalp, which she later explained was actually for dry skin, and she began brushing her daughter's hair out. The family was then reportedly approached by an airline employee expressing concern that the child possibly had lice explaining that numerous other passengers expressed their concern about the child possibly have lice. The family was booked on a different flight.

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Child advocate and attorney Areva Martin says, "Better safe than sorry" when it comes to this case because if it had been lice, she says that the other passengers and crew could have been exposed.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares his takeaway, saying, "I think airplanes, buses, any public transportation, is when we all have to just have to use common sense [and] make our best judgments. Sometimes you may err on the side of caution, sometimes you may make a mistake."

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Southwest Airlines released a statement to The Doctors regarding the incident.

"Our Chicago Employees working [a flight] to Oakland were approached by multiple Customers with concerns about a fellow passenger in the gate area exhibiting behavior consistent with a highly contagious condition. Our Employees are obligated to look into concerns that are raised by Customers. Based on a conversation our Employees had with the family before boarding the flight, we determined it would be best to rebook their travel for the following day. We regret any inconvenience delayed travel caused the family, we have apologized and refunded the cost of their tickets. Our Employees are responsible for the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Customers daily and are well-known for the care and hospitality they provide. Our goal is for every Customer to have a positive experience while traveling Southwest and we do our best to deliver on that commitment while keeping the health and Safety of our Customers and fellow Employees as our top priority," the statement reads.