At-Home Mole Removal Device Warning!

Playing DIY Mole Removal?

The Doctors have a strong warning against products which claim to be able to remove moles and skin tags at home and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra has very strong feelings about these products.

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"This is a terrible idea!" she says. "They are hot electric needles. You have no idea if they are sterile or not sterile and effectively you are just burning your skin." She goes on to say these devices can cause scars and a bacterial infection . She also notes that it is best to see a doctor for a mole removal as they will check to see if they are cancerous.

The Doctors explain that using a device like this is something only a trained medical professional should use as the depth at which you go into the skin is something that is learned at medical school. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that going too deep into the skin with a device like this can damage and scar the skin.

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We found reviews of these products online which stated, "This is the worst thing I have ever purchased," and "This thing is dangerous and so not worth it."

The Doctors stress that if you have a concerning skin issue to have it checked out by a doctor.