Why Is This Man Waking to Urinate 15 Times during the Night?

Playing Why Do Men Frequently Pee at Night?

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz joins The Doctors to weigh in on the viewer asking for advice on why he might be urinating up to 15 times at nightThe viewer says he is in his early 30s, not sick or diabetic, and does not drink a lot of liquids before bed.

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Dr. Spitz says that in many instances frequent urination may be due to an enlarged prostate, but due to his age, he does not believe this would be the issue. He says one possible reason could be sleep apnea, which can result in the release of hormones which signal your kidneys to dump urine.

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The Doctors recommend if you are experiencing frequent urination to really examine how much caffeine and water you are consuming before bedtime.

Dr. Spitz notes that it is possible to drink too much water, which can affect how your kidneys process fluids. He says not to drink more than a gallon and suggests aiming for 3 quarts in a day.