Why Poop Stinks & Anal Itching Explained!

Playing Instant Bowel Movement from an Egg Breakfast?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors' Stool Squad, gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld, return to take on your burning number 2 questions!

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Can an egg cause you to go to the bathroom instantly?: Dr. Rodriguez explains some people have an allergy to eggs, which can cause an instant bowel movement. He says people with this allergy are affected by a protein in the egg. He notes this allergy is very rare.

What causes anal itch?: Dr. Rosenfeld tells us an itchy rear is very common and says the main reason is related to your stool consistency. He explains the itching occurs when stool comes in contact with the skin outside of the anus. If the itching is occurring unrelated to going to the bathroom, the Stool Squad says it could be related to hemorrhoids, pinworms and in some cases anal cancer.

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Why does poop smell bad?: Dr. Rodriguez notes that poop smells because it is waste and bacterial residue and says it is never going to have a pleasant odor. He says the smell is related to what we eat and explains that proteins and sulfuric foods will contribute to the smell. If you have an extreme change in your stool's smell, they suggest seeing a doctor.

What causes green poop?: They explain that the food and bile can turn your stool green. Dr. Rodriguez says the only two colors that are concerning are red, which means there could be blood in your stool, or black, which could mean you are bleeding internally.