Is Sex As Good For Weight Loss As Going to The Gym?

Playing Weight Loss Myths with ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Trainers

The Doctors are joined by Chris and Heidi Powell from ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss,” to discuss their views on some common weight loss myths.

You should avoid eating after 6 PM - MYTH! Heidi says this is a not true. She explains that your metabolism is still active at this hour, but warns eating things that are loaded with calories in the evening. She suggests opting for a something with protein or healthy fats. If you are craving something sweet, Chris and Heidi suggest a protein bar, protein shake or frozen grapes.

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Sex is as good for weight loss as going to the gym - MYTH! "I wish this was true," Chris says. He says at one time people believed that having sex would burn from 100 to 300 calories, which he says is not accurate. He notes that the average sexual experience lasts on average 6 minutes and only burns around 21 to 30 calories.

Diet is more important than exercise - REALITY! The Doctors and Chris and Heidi say if you want to lose weight you have to work on your diet as well. "Abs are made in the kitchen," Heidi says. Chris adds,"You can't out-exercise a bad diet."

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Potatoes make you fat - MYTH! Heidi says potatoes are great but warns against eating ones which are loaded with things like butter, cheese, sour cream, guacamole or ones which are fried. She recommends baking the potato and sprinkling with some sea salt and a little ketchup will fulfill your cravings.

Initial weight gain means your diet is failing - MYTH! Chris explains that when you exercise the fibers of the muscles swell and it is natural your clothes might feel tight after exercising. Heidi suggests instead of looking at the number on the scale to notice how your clothes are fitting, which can be a better gauge about how your exercise regime is working.

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