Woman Suffering from Tooth Development Disorder Debuts New Smile

Playing Woman Born with a Tooth Development Disorder Gets a Smile Makeover

Earlier this season The Doctors met Whitney, who was born with the rare genetic disorder dentinogenesis imperfecta, which causes her teeth to not have enamel.

She endured years of taunting, bullying and embarrassing moments related to her teeth. To deal with it, she hid her teeth behind a snap-on smile and kept her real teeth a secret from her boyfriend and friends.

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"I want to look in the mirror and feel like I'm actually pretty and not live in this lie that I've been living," she told us during her first appearance.

After the show, dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman set out to give Whitney a new smile, with the help of crowns and veneers. "For the first time ever, you're going to have a beautiful smile that is not removable," Dr. Dorfman tells Whitney after performing the dental surgery. They join us to share her amazing transformation.

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"It's a dream come true. I can't even explain to you how happy I am. I feel like my energy has shifted. I've waited my whole life for this and I just feel like a new person," she says." I'm so happy. I thank Dr. Dorfman so much and his whole team and The Doctors for making this possible."

Dr. Dorfman also credits the amazing work from the team at da Vinci Dental Studios for making Whitney's new teeth.