Suzanne Somers Shares Secrets of Her 50-Year Romance with Husband

Playing Suzanne Somers on Love, Life, and Marriage

Actress and author Suzanne Somers and husband Alan Hamel join The Doctors to share how they have managed to keep their 50-year romance going strong.

The "Two's Company: A Fifty-Year Romance with Lessons Learned in Love, Life & Business" author says of her husband, "I'm still in love, I'm in love with him." She also credits her life as a sitcom actress in helping with her relationship as the hours are not as involved as working in film.

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Alan says the amount of time they spend together has also helped keep their relationship strong. "We haven't spent a night apart in 37 years and we're together 24 hours a day," he shares.

Another aspect of their healthy relationship is their sex life, the happy couple tells The Doctors. Suzanne says on average they have sex 12 times a week, Alan concurs saying "7 to 14 times" per week.

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"A healthy person is a sexual person. So what is the last thing you feel like doing if you're not healthy? We take health so seriously... we grow our own food, we eat organic. We don't take any drugs," Suzanne explains.

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