'Sleeping Beauty Diet’ Dangers!

Playing What is the ‘Sleeping Beauty Diet’?

Some believe sleeping excessively can cause you to lose weight, but The Doctors deliver a strong warning against "The Sleeping Beauty Diet," also known as "narcorexia."

The trend involves taking sleep medications in order to sleep 10 to 20 hours a day attempting to sleep away the day and not eat.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork calls this "clearly dangerous and potentially deadly." The dangerous behavior is popular in pro-anorexia online forums, which also encourages severe calorie restrictions.

The Doctors explain sleeping for more than 9 to 10 hours a day on average can increase your risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease. Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho also notes that hypersomnia is linked to depression. Additionally, excessive sleep can also lead to dehydration.

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The Doctors encourage anyone who has a loved one who might be battling an eating disorder to seek help as early as possible. If you or someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact the National Eating Disorders Association