Is Organic Wine Hangover-Free?

Playing Enjoy Wine without the Hangover?

Is there a type of wine that will not give you a hangover?

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The Doctors weigh in on organic wine, which some think can be enjoyed without experiencing the dreaded aftereffects of too much imbibing. They explain that organic wine is made without genetic engineering or synthetic fertilizers. Also, ingredients like yeast must also be organic. Additionally, there are no added sulfites -- which are often used as a preservative -- in organic wine.

Despite all these organic aspects to this type of wine, The Doctors note that the causes of a hangover are probably the wine's tannins, histamines, and the alcohol content, which are all present in organic wine. They conclude that even organic wine can lead to a hangover and encourage moderation and to drink a glass of water in between each glass of wine.

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But is there a taste difference between organic wine and a traditional wine? Check out the video above to see if The Doctors can tell the difference between the two.