Can Wedding Photographer Overcome His Butterfly Phobia?

Playing Wedding Photographer's Crippling Fear of Butterflies

Tom is a photographer, whose phobia is getting in the way of his job.

He is extremely afraid of butterflies and the winged creatures cause him to tense up, his heart races, and he begins to sweat. He says he has felt this way for most of his life. But now that many weddings are releasing live butterflies during the ceremony, his phobia is affecting his livelihood.

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We enlist the help of celebrity hypnotist Richard Barker, who uses biorhythmic music and hypnosis to treat Tom. During their session, Tom realizes that when he was a child he was stung by a bee which created an irrational fear of butterflies through association.

To find out if the hypnosis was successful, Richard takes Tom to one of the largest butterfly enclosures on the West Coast. After handling a butterfly, Tom is happy to share, "I'm really just relaxed right now. My chest doesn't hurt. I'm not clammy." He goes on to tell The Doctors that he felt no stress and no anxiety related to the insect following his treatment.

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Richard explains that through regression during the hypnosis he is able to find out the root cause of the phobia. He goes on to explain that Tom can expect the conquering of phobia to be permanent.

To find out if the treatment was truly successful, The Doctors created a butterfly enclosure backstage. See what happens when Tom comes in contact with a room full of butterflies.