Kids Committing Crimes for Parents?

Playing Kids Commit Crime for Parents?

Some parents are allegedly enlisting the help of their kids to commit crimes and The Doctors and Judge Mary Chrzanowski, also known as "Scary Mary," weigh in on this disturbing type of crime.

They discuss an incident in Arkansas where a mom allegedly instructed her son to go behind the counter of a jewelry store and steal $30,000 worth of jewelry. The woman involved was arrested.

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Unfortunately, Judge Chrzanowski said she sees this type of crime happening "all the time." She goes on to say that diaper bags are a common place for people to hide items while shoplifting. She tells The Doctors the decision whether to charge and punish the child depends on the age of the child and what the parent instructed the child to do.

Judge Chrzanowski, who was on the bench for 23 years, says often children involved in these types of crimes would end up appearing before her again later in life.

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Watch out the video below to hear The Doctors and Judge Chrzanowski's take on the mom accused of unnecessarily subjecting her 8-year-old son to 323 hospital visits and 13 surgeries.