Hanacure Mask & Nail Dip Powder - Buzz or Bust?

Playing Should You Try the Korean ‘Zombie’ Face Mask?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra is weighing on two of the hottest beauty products to find out if they are a buzz or a bust!

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Hanacure Mask: The Korean mask claims to reduce pores, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. Dr. Batra applied it to her face, neck and the backs of her hands. She says when first applied it felt cool, but over the course of 30 minutes it dries and tightens. "It feels really tight," she says. The mask, also dubbed "The Zombie Mask," makes talking somewhat difficult. She says it contains some good anti-inflammatories anti-oxidants, but warns against using the mask too frequently as it could irritate the skin. She says her skin felt tighter and softer after using and deemed it a -- BUZZ!

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Nail Dip Powder: Dr. Batra explains that this is an alternative for the ultraviolet light used in gel and acrylic manicures. The powder is being touted as an at-home option instead of gel and acrylic nails. She expressed concern about how this product is not being used in the controlled environment of a nail salon and worries about the possibility of inhaling the powder. She also questions the product's ingredients and notes that some contain chemicals that are toxic and banned in certain states. She says, "Please do not try this at home," and deems it a -- BUST!