Maria Menounos Shares Health Update & Tasty Recipes

Playing Maria Menounos Opens up about Her Brain Surgery Recovery

Maria Menounos joins The Doctors to share an update on health following brain surgery.

"I'm doing well... a brain surgery is intense, it's a journey. It is a major surgery, so you take it step by step," she shares. "I'm doing well."

Maria, who has partnered with Rally Health as a health ambassador, is also caring for her mother who is battling stage 4 brain cancer. She would like others battling this type of cancer to know, "There is hope. So, if you have stage 4 brain cancer, there are people who live long lives. I've met people who have lived up to 12 years with it."

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In an effort to help others stay healthy in regards to what they eat, Maria and her mother wrote a cookbook, "The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking," which features many Greek-inspired dishes.

She brings her "Cumcumber Pockets," "Eggplant Boats" and "Zucchini Toast" for The Doctors to sample.

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"I think everything is about moderation," she tells The Doctors, noting that some of her recipes contain carbs. She explains that if she indulges, she will aim to eat cleaner for her next meal.

"The EveryGirl's Guide to Cooking" is available wherever books are sold. Also, catch more or Maria on her podcast "Conversations with Maria" every Friday. Get the recipes for the dishes Maria brought to the show, here!