What to Eat When You're Expecting

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson's walks triplets Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole through what they should eat and not eat when expecting. Pregnant women should eat 1,800 to 3,000 calories per day, depending on their pre-pregnancy weight.

"You're not eating for two ... or three, or four! You only need 300 more calories a day," Dr. Lisa advises.


"Remember, you want to put things in your body that are going to make your baby heathy," Dr. Lisa says.

• Fruits and vegetables - four or more servings per day

• Whole grains - six to nine servings per day

• Dairy products - four servings per day. Dairy products like low-fat yogurt are high in calcium, which helps strengthen your baby's teeth and bones

• One serving of cooked fish per a week can help with your baby's eye and brain development

• Foods high in iron like spinach

• Foods high in folic acid like whole-grain cereals, nuts and seeds

"You know what I did when I started to get smart?" Dr. Lisa says, recalling her weight gain when pregnant with her son, Daniel. "Once a week, give into a craving. Just once a week."  


• Raw or undercooked fish like sushi

• Cold cuts (meats) unless they're piping hot

• Raw or undercooked eggs

• Unpastuerized cheeses or milk (due to risk of listeria)

• Raw or undercooked meat. All meat needs to be well done. 

• Liver and pâté, which contain vitamin A, and can cause birth defects

• Excessive caffeine

• Aboslutely no alcohol

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