How Nurse Stabbed in ER Is Helping to Keep Others Safe at Work

Playing Nurse Survives Knife Attack

Elise, who works as a nurse in an emergency room, was attacked by a patient while on the job.

She was stabbed multiple times in the arm and the face and joins The Doctors to share more about her harrowing experience.

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She tells us she is doing better, but still lacks the full function of her left hand and has months of physical therapy ahead of her. She says that initially, the patient did not seem like a threat, but as she began to treat him, she saw his demeanor and behavior change.

"He did not come in screaming, yelling, cursing, nothing like that... I've been in the ER for 35 years, I have pretty good instincts and I didn't see this coming until it was too late," she shares.

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Police were able to arrest the man and he was been charged with assault with intent to murder. According to court documents, the man claims he hears voices.

In an effort to help other people stay safe at work, Elise's name is attached to a bill that establishes a mandatory risk assessment at healthcare facilities to minimize possible threats to employees.