Bullied Kids: An Inside Look at What They Deal with Daily

Playing An Inside Look at What Bullied Kids are Dealing With

With nearly half of all kids reporting being bullied by other students while at school, The Doctors take an inside look at what teens are dealing with.

Beauty blogger Emily Jensen, who has dealt extensively with bullying, battled cancer when she was a toddler. The appearance of her face was affected by radiation treatments and other kids have teased an bullied her about it. In order to give herself a voice, she created a YouTube channel where post videos on beauty and fashion.

She meets with Autumn, who has also been bullied. Autumn says she has dealt with mean comments about her appearance, inappropriate comments from guys, guys touching her on her backside, other students threatening her with violence and even an instance of stalking.

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Emily, 15, tells Autumn, 13, that having a support system is vital when dealing bullying. "People need to stop being bystanders and help [other] kids... finding those things that make me feel confident, use that as your booster. You're going to deal with mean people all your life," she says, encouraging Autumn to always remember that she is beautiful.

Autumn has a message for the bullies out there, telling The Doctors, "As much as they try and tear us down, all it does is just build us up because it makes us stronger people."

The Doctors are also joined by Leigh Faith Fujimoto, the U.S. director of Champions Against Bullying, who speaks about the rise in sexual harassment among kids and teens by other young people. She feels in order to address this growing problem that conversations need to first take place with the parents and their kids.

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"It has to begin at home. It has to be in the schools because until the adults actually address it and deal with it, the kids will never," she says.

In order to help both Emily and Autumn continue to thrive in the face of bullying, our friends at The Online Makeup Academy, Lime Crime, ColourPop, and School of Rock surprise them with amazing gifts.

We also arrange for counseling from Doctor On Demand for Emily and Autumn, which they can do in their own home.

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