Overcome Your Cooking Fears with Help from 'Hot Mess Kitchen'

Playing Intimidated by Cooking? Meet ‘Hot Mess Kitchen’

Cooking is intimidating for many, but Gabi Moskowitz and Miranda Berman, the authors of the cookbook "Hot Mess Kitchen," join The Doctors to share some easy and tasty recipes that just might help you overcome your kitchen fears!

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The duo, who met online after trading recipes, create fresh and healthy foods and drinks that are still flavorful.

They bring their "Bad Bitch Margaritas," "Baked Sriracha Hot Wings," "Paleo Pain in the Butt Curry" and "Netflix and Chili Con Carne" for The Doctors to sample. They say that their curry and chili can be prepped at the beginning of the week and you can enjoy all week.

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"Hot Mess Kitchen" is available wherever books are sold and get the recipes for the dishes seen on the show, here!