The Dancer Who Had to Amputate His Leg

Playing Professional Dancer Loses Leg after Accident

Andrew's dreams were stalled when an accident left him with an extremely difficult decision -- whether to amputate his leg.

The dancer, who dreamed of performing in the Las Vegas show Le Reve, was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered serious damage to his leg. After multiple surgeries in an attempt to save his foot, doctors told him amputation would be the best way to treat his injuries as they feared he might have to endure numerous future surgeries.

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He went through with the amputation and only allowed himself one week to feel sad about having to amputate and then he committed to set his sights on the future and not look back -- and that included following his dream of performing in Le Reve.

"I knew there was nothing to hold myself only took me about 10 seconds to realize that my life would be more fulfilling with amputation," he says. After only 8 months of rehabilitation, he was able to audition and he was cast in the popular Vegas show.

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In order to handle all the physical challenges, Andrew uses 4 different legs during the show, which involves acrobatics, aerial work and performing in water.

See Andrew and some of his cast mates from Le Reve perform on The Doctors' stage in the video below!