Why Are Kids Self-Cyberbullying?

Playing Why Are Kids Bullying Themselves Online?

Bullying is a major problem for far too many kids and parents, and now some kids and teens are bullying themselves online.

According to research from the Cyberbullying Research Center, self-cyberbullying -- where someone posts hurtful or mean things about themselves in order to garner sympathy or attention -- occurs in about 6 percent of kids ages 12 to 17. This form of self-bullying occurs in higher rates among girls, according to the research.

The Doctors explain that in many instances kids will self-cyberbullying in order to protect themselves preemptively.

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So what can parents do to help protect their kids from this type of bullying?

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, who has treated many teens suffering from this disturbing trend, feels it's the responsibility of the parent to monitor their online activities. She urges parents to not be shy or worry about intruding on their kid's online life. She feels parental monitoring is the biggest factor in promoting positive outcomes for kids. She also says parents need to have access to their child's online passwords.

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Dr. Judy also stresses the importance of communication with your child and also being aware of changes in patterns like sleep and usage of devices like phones or tablets.

More information on apps that parents can use to help monitor their kid's online activity can be found here, and online safety resources can be found here and here.