Woman's Quest To Get a 100-Inch Butt!

Playing Woman Trying for World’s Biggest Butt

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Natasha says she wants to have the biggest butt in the world -- but is it even possible for her to have a fourth Brazilian butt lift?

The 24-year-old says her goal is "to have the biggest bum in the world." During previous surgeries, fat has been taken from her arms, back, and thighs in order to increase the size of her butt. She says she has never used implants or fillers to enhance her backside.

She tells The Doctors that her large bottom comes with some downsides like not being able to run because the size of her butt causes her pain. She also says when she flies, she needs to use two seats and sleeping on her back is not possible.

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We send Natasha to see plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, who weighs in on her desire to have yet another butt lift. He says she has the largest butt he has ever seen in his career. Her backside currently measures 85 inches, but Natasha wants to get to 100 inches. Dr. Ordon acknowledges that technically the procedure is possible, but he raises concerns about whether it is the right surgery and worries if it will be safe to undergo.

"You're really creating something unnatural," he notes.

Joining The Doctors, Natasha reveals that she is gaining weight that she hopes will be used to increase the mass of her butt. Despite The Doctors expressing their concerns about how this weight gain and a fourth surgery might affect her health, she says she is determined to have the surgery.

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Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow joins the conversation and raises concerns about how her goal of a 100-inch butt might be affecting her emotional health. He raises the question with Natasha of whether she is replacing real-life relationships with family and friends for her relationships with her fans and followers on social media. When asked if she believes the health risks and possibly the risk of death associated with her quest to have a 100-inch is worth it, she says, "Of course."

The Doctors encourage her to take some time and really consider what they have discussed and also offer her future support and resources if needed.