Your Skincare Questions Answered!

Playing Skin Remedies from Chapped Lips to Lotions

The Doctors' Wheel of Health is back and we're answering your pressing skincare questions.

What is the best way to prevent chapped lips? The Doctors recommend if you are looking to use a natural product to use olive oil a few times a day to keep your lips moisturized. They warn against lip balms that contain scents, dyes, and colors as those additives can actually be irritating to the skin of your lips. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra also suggests using something with an exfoliant in it, like a product with salicylic acid or beta hydroxy acid. She says it can help get rid off your dry and dead skin on your lips.

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Can I use regular body lotion for my face too? The Doctors say it can cause breakouts when used on the face as it contains a higher amount of emollients. It can also contain scents, which might not be ideal on your face. The Doctors recommend using lotion specifically designed for your face, and Dr. Batra notes to always make sure that anything you use on your face has been formulated to not clog your pores.

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What to do about large visible pores on nose? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says pores are meant to be on your nose says there is no way to completely eliminate your pores. He recommends having a good skincare regime to keep the pores clean and says exfoliating will help.