Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Shares His Favorite Winter Meals

Playing Celebrity Chef's Favorite Winter Recipes

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry, who is known at The Doctors for having a discerning taste palette, meets with celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian to sample some of his favorite winter dishes. She joins him at his restaurant Georgie in Beverly Hills to sample some tasty and healthy dishes that are perfect during the colder months.

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Geoffrey says he loves to prepare seafood in the winter because cold water and cold weather helps to make seafood even better. The dishes he prepares for Dr. Nita, the self-admitted picky eater, include:

King crab salad with celery root, seasoned with salt and pepper, lemon, Dungeness crab and shaved Brussel sprouts, which Dr. Nita called, "really good."

Bucatini spot prawns & crab with olive oil, scallions, pepperoncini, lobster stock, crab, celery and Thai basil. Dr. Nita says the dish is "so good" and vows to try and recreate it at home.

Salmon with fennel and romesco sauce, which is a puree of roasted tomatoes. Despite not being a fan of tomatoes, Dr. Nita declares, "I would order this... it's really good!"

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