Is Eating Tarantulas the Newest Food Trend?

Playing Why are People Eating Tarantulas?

Getting enough protein in your diet is always important -- but is eating tarantulas the answer?

Bravely, The Doctors put the eight-legged fuzzy spiders to the taste-test and share their thoughts about eating the large spiders.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, who was the first to sample one, says it was salty and tasted similar to shrimp. Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says, "It tastes pretty good."

A very reluctant Dr. Travis Stork samples just a leg of the tarantula and say it's "not bad." Dr. Nita Landry, however, declared, "I'm allergic," and passed on eating one. "I know my body," she says defending her choice to skip the arachnid.

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Doctors producer Ashley also gets in on the fun and eats an entire tarantula and enjoys the taste of the creepy crawler.