Can Alcohol Increase Your Risk for Cancer?

Playing Alcohol Linked to Several Cancers?

Could that drink at the end of your day increase your risk for cancer?

The Doctors weigh in on recent warnings from The American Society for Clinical Oncology, which claims there is a strong connection between drinking alcohol and seven different types of cancer, including mouth and throat, esophageal, laryngeal, liver, colon, rectal and breast cancer.

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The Doctors note that these findings are confusing as alcohol can be either a tonic or a poison, depending on how much you consume. They note that in other studies it has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and gallstones when used with mild to moderate consumption. They also note that the heavy use of alcohol can have serious effects on your health and warn against it.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork goes on to say that he feels this study is "cherrypicking" as light alcohol has been shown to reduce other types of cancers.

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The Doctors stress that the study dubbed "light drinking" as just 1 drink that only contains 4 ounces of alcohol.

When in doubt, speak to your healthcare professional about how drinking alcohol will affect your health and error on the side of light drinking.