Why Is My Poop so Hard? and Other Embarrassing Bathroom Questions!

Playing Embarrassing Poop Questions Answered

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors' Stool Squad returns with gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld to answer more of your most embarrassing questions about going to the bathroom.

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Are all types of fiber equal?The Doctors explain that, in fact, no, the different types of fiber are not the same. It can be broken down into two types, soluble and insoluble. They explain that both types are important to have in your diet as one keeps your poop soft and the other gives it shape and volume. They note that fiber can possibly lower cholesterol and also help control your blood sugar levels.

Can I wipe too hard?: They say that yes, it is possible to wipe the rear too hard and warn against wiping so hard that it hurts or bleeds. They say if you are having trouble staying clean to try out a wipe that contains aloe. They suggest to also make sure the wipe is alcohol-free and unscented in order to avoid irritating that sensitive area.

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Why is my poop so hard?: The main causes of stool that is too firm could be due to not drinking enough water, not getting enough fiber in your diet and not exercising enough.