How Mom Lost 132 Pounds after Giving Birth

Playing From ‘Baby Belly’ to Fit Mama

After giving birth to her daughter, Ashley weighed almost 300 pounds and she feared she would never be able to lose the weight.

She says that her weight has been a struggle for most of her life and she often turned to food for both comfort and sadness. At 24, she hit her highest weight and says she was unable to do things like climb stairs or play with her daughter. Following a back injury, she decided that she never wanted to weigh that much ever again and decided to make some serious life changes.

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She joins The Doctors after losing an impressive 321 pounds. She says her weight loss was due to healthy eating, meal prepping and being active. Ashley says that her new healthy lifestyle has also dramatically changed her daughter's life.

"I will give her the foundation for a healthy relationship with food that she needs because it's so hard in today's world," she tells The Doctors.

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Instead of fast food -- which is packed with fat, calories and excess sugar, Ashley explains that she preps her meals, which helps her to eat healthy even when she is busy or on the go. One of her favorite meals to prep ahead of time is a cucumber chicken salad, which is packed with tomatoes, olives, some feta cheese and a light vignette.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that opting for Ashley's meal, instead of a typical fast food burger meal, can help save you 1200 calories, 58 grams of fat and over 74 grams of sugar.

Get Ashley's meal prep recipe, here.

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