Girl Who Survived Dog Attack Returns after Life-Changing Surgery

Playing Procedure for Girl Who Survived Dog Attack

Last season we met little Ahniah, the girl who was attacked by the family’s dog and was left with large scars on her face.

During her first visit, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon offered to help Ahniah with the scars that were affecting her cheek, upper lip, and nose and causing her problems breathing and chewing. Dr. Ordon and his team removed and released numerous scars during the life-changing surgery.

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Her mom Angela tells The Doctors that her daughter is doing "more than amazing." "Now, she's known as Ahniah, not the girl with the scars anymore," she says.

Ahniah joins the show and debuts her amazing transformation. "I'm feeling great... my recovery was good, I don't have any pain now," she shares. She tells us that she is now able to chew and breathe much better than prior to the surgery. Dr. Ordon explains that with time, this will continue to improv e even more.

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Her mom Angela adds, "I'm forever thankful for all of you [and] everything you guys have done for us."