500-Pound Woman Plagued with Health Problems Fears for Her Life

Playing A 500-Pound Woman Fearing Death Seeks Help

Haley has come to The Doctors to in hopes of dealing with her staggering weight gain. She currently weighs over 500 pounds and is dealing with a slew of health issues. She tells us that she has been dealing with weight issues since she was a child and was teased and taunted about her weight while growing up.

Due to her weight, she's dealing with arthritis, sleep apnea, an enlarged liver, is in constant pain and is taking 16 medications. She admits to stress-eating and will often isolate herself while bingeing. She tells us at one point she was drinking up to 7 12-pack cases of soda a week.

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During a visit with clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, Haley reveals she is also dealing with a barrage of mental health issues including panic attacks, alcohol abuse, depression, PTSD from an assault, and she has attempted suicide numerous times. Dr. Judy explains that she is worried how Hayley's chronic stress is taking its toll on her and her health.

"I just see somebody that has so much potential, that's just screaming to get out," Haley says of herself. Her mother Dorine and sister Kiersten are both extremely concerned about her health and there are times when Dorine worries she will find her daughter dead in her bed. 

We also send Haley to bariatric surgeon Dr. Kai Nishi, who conducts a battery of tests on Haley and assess how her weight is affecting her health. After the examination, Dr. Nishi tells us, "It would not be surprising if she only lived another 10 to 15 years at this weight." He says he is concerned about her enlarged liver, which is called fatty liver disease. He also worries about possible heart failure and her sleep apnea.

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Internist and nutritionist Dr. Melina Jampolis also met with Haley and says she is concerned about her fatty liver disease, being pre-diabetic and being insulin-resistant. She urges Haley to never drink soda again, as the liquid sugar in soda is immediately converted into fat in the liver. Psychiatrist Dr. Eric Chaghouri also joins the conversation and explains that she is on 6 different medications to deal with anxiety and depression. He notes that 2 of the 6 meds are known to contribute to weight gain and an increased appetite.

Despite all of the hurdles she is facing, Haley says,"I'm totally 100 percent ready to commit to the change."

In order to help Haley makes these major life changes, Hilton Head Health Resort has offered to treat her for 6 months. Additionally, Dr. Jampolis says she will continue to treat Haley when she returns from treatment.