Beauty Blogger's Stunning Acne Transformation

Playing Beauty Blogger's Acne Transformation

YouTube makeup star Cassandra Bankson bravely revealed her struggles with severe acne in an empowering video.

She tells us that her acne caused her depression and even suicidal feelings at times. She says she felt like a "hypocrite" because she was known for her makeup skills, but underneath the beauty products was her acne -- something no one was aware of.

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"I cleared my conscious by taking it off and just tried to reach out to someone to say if you have hated the way you look, this is how I get by every day," she explains. She tells The Doctors that she was not a medical candidate to take Accutane and she did not want to go on birth control to treat her acne.

So how did Cassandra clear up her skin?

She tells us that she cut out dairy from her diet for two weeks and she found that her skin began to clear up. She also looked at whether antibiotics in meat might be causing it as well.

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She also feels that treating her mental health, specifically her stress levels also helped clear her skin. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra notes that stress can release cortisol, which can affect the skin's oil glands and cause acne.

Now that Cassandra has been able to tame her acne, she tells us she is now inspired to have a career in dermatology.