Woman Bullied For Teeth Gets Smile Makeover

Playing Dental Depression?

Whitney was born with the rare genetic disorder dentinogenesis imperfecta, which causes her teeth to not have enamel.

Following years of taunting, bullying and embarrassing moments related to the state of her teeth, she now hides her teeth behind a snap-on smile. Whitney has kept her real teeth a secret from her boyfriend and friends. Bravely, she has come to The Doctors seeking help with her smile.

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Both Whitney's mother and grandmother also suffer from dentinogenesis imperfecta. She explains that her snap-on smile has been causing her problems when she eats and will break from time to time.

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"I want to look in the mirror and feel like I'm actually pretty and not live in this lie that I've been living," she shares, explaining she has come forward to make people aware that this is a real problem people are dealing with.

We are also joined by dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman, who has been treating Whitney since she was a child and has an amazing surprise in store for her.

He offers to give Whitney "the smile she's always dreamed of." With the help of his team and da Vinci Dental Studios, he offers her a complete smile makeover on all of her affected teeth.