Penile Reattachment Explained!

Playing Man’s Genitals Saved after Lover Cut Them Off

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Whether it's an accident, an assault or even self-harm -- there are instances where men have had their genitals severed off, but luckily it's possible to reattach the organ to the body.

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Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz, the author of "The Penis Book," joins The Doctors to explain this amazing surgery. He says it involves bringing the major structures of the penis together including the urethra, the chamber of the penis that fills with blood to achieve an erection and reconnecting the many nerves that are responsible for sensitivity.

Dr. Spitz says in about two-thirds of these cases the men go on to have normal erections, arousals, and sensations following surgery. He notes that if your penis is detached, the key is to keep it cool as this slows down the tissue from dying as fast.

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He goes on to explain that usually in about a week after reattachment normal urination can occur. He says in 3 to 4 weeks, the penis can become erect again, but warns against sexual activity for a couple months. For the full sensation of the nerves of the penis, he notes that it can take up to a year to completely heal.