Could Your Kids Be Lured by Strangers on Social Media?

Playing The Shocking Social Media Child Predator Experiment

Just how easy is it for kids be lured by strangers on social media?

The Doctors are joined YouTube star Coby Persin, who made a video where unassuming kids are lured into meeting strangers through communicating via social media and the results were shocking!

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The parents of the three children seen in Coby's video were monitoring the events as they unfolded and all three parents were horrified how their kids were so easily duped by a stranger.

"It's frightening for the parents to see, but at the same time they're going to learn from this," Coby says, explaining that the most common way to connect with the child was when the stranger claimed they knew them from school.

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Resources on how to better monitor your child's social media activity can be found, here and here.

See more of Coby's YouTube videos, here.