Does Sugar Affect the Brain Like Cocaine Does?

Playing Can Sweets be a Gateway Drug?

Is sugar a gateway to addiction?

The Doctors discuss how some research has shown that sugar and sweets activate the reward center of the brain the same way that cocaine does. So could a sugar addiction lead to other addictions?

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The Doctors note that sugar and sweets are not terrible in moderation, but acknowledge that for some eating some sugar could lead to further cravings for sugar. They also say it may change how you respond to other types of drugs.

They suggest if you are someone who is prone to an addiction to sweet foods than being aware of how they could affect you is important.

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Being aware of sugar's possible effects is so important because the amount of sugar that Americans consume is staggering and only on the rise. They note that the average person drinks 53 gallons of soft drinks annually and in a lifetime the average person consumes 3,550 pounds of sugar.

The Doctors note that sugar is often hidden in the processed foods that we eat, so eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods is best when trying to cut down on your sugar intake.