Are Long Nails a Danger to Your Health?

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Playing Could Long Nails Be a Danger to Your Health?

Could long nails -- very long nails -- be a danger to your health?

The Doctors meet a group of women in New Jersey who call themselves the Long Nail Goddesses, who have taken the art of long fingernails to the extreme. We test their long nails to see if they carry bacteria that could possibly be dangerous.

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We swabbed the nails of the women and sent them to ABC Labs to test for bacteria. Most of the nails came back clean, but one woman's nails tested positive for a bacteria growth that is found in feces, but The Doctors note that this is common and could be found in many people's nails.

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If you are concerned about keeping your nails clean, dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra suggests using a clean mascara brush with some soapy water to clean under the nail. She also says there is a right way and wrong way to file your nails. She says to always keep the file under the nail with the tip of file towards the center of the nail.

Also, keeping your cuticle hydrated is key to nail health Dr. Batra says. She suggests using a simple homemade hydrating oil with tea tree oil and olive oil applied nightly to the cuticle can keep your nails in great shape. She says to only apply a drop or two to each cuticle.