Weight Loss Headset Put to the Test Results!

Playing Could Wearing a Headset Help you Lose Weight?

Earlier this season, we tested out the Modius, which claims to help people reach their goal weight by simply wearing a device on their head.

Dr. Jason McKeown, the Modius founder, says the device sends an electrical pulse to the hypothalamus in the brain and claims it signals it to reduce fat storage in the body. He also claims it can help people cut down on their cravings.

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Our test subjects, Marta, Deidra, Rhonda, used the device for 12 weeks and return to share their results.

Marta says she lost 14 pounds and 5 inches around the waist. She says she "really loves it."

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Deidra tells us it helped cut her urge to snack, helped her sleep better and says she ate less. She says the device helped her lose 12 pounds.

Rhonda says she also had a decrease in cravings for snacks and she was able to lose 14 pounds.

Dr. McKeown tells The Doctors there is currently a year-long trial being done on how wearing a device that signals the hypothalamus can affect weight loss.

The Doctors note that our test of the device with our three subjects is not a rigorous scientific study and remind you to always check with your healthcare professional before using any diet assistive devices. Results may vary.