Can You Makeover Your Voice?

Playing Makeover for Your Voice?

YouTube personality Destinee Cordova loves to make comedic videos about makeup and music, but she's not entirely happy about the sound of her voice

Some of her viewers have posted comments like, "She talks like a boy" and have said she sounds "man-like." Destinee has no idea why her voice sounds so low.

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We sent her to see voice coach Roger Love to find out if it is possible to give your voice a makeover. He takes her through a series of vocal exercises to unlock the high range of her speaking voice and tells her to imagine she is "trapped in a musical" in order to give her more range.

After working with Roger, Destinee says she feels her new voice sounds lighter, more professional and says others are able to hear her better. She tells us that she imagines that she is singing while speaking in order to keep her voice lighter and higher.

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Watch the video below to hear Destinee's amazing transformation after working with Roger. Also check out the voice coach's book, "Set Your Voice Free," here!