Boy Robbed of Limbs by Bacterial Meningitis

Playing Boy Robbed of Limbs by Bacterial Meningitis

When Memphis was just 6 months old the unthinkable happened and his dad Chris was told he only had hours to live.

Doctors informed Chris that his son had bacterial meningitis and all four of his limbs had to be amputated. Chris was initially told his son's quality of life would be low if he were to even survive. Now 12 years old, Memphis exceeded expectations and is thriving. Memphis says he loves to swim, play video games and he gets around on a hoverboard.

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Despite all of his amazing accomplishments, he is still dependent on his dad for many things in life. Chris says they are in desperate need of proper prosthetics. As Memphis grows, it is difficult for the family to afford replacement prosthetics, which can cost upwards of $18,000. Memphis is also dealing with dental issues related to bacterial meningitis.

"I'm scared that he's not going to be able to drive or have a job or have a purpose in his life. That scares me all the time," Chris tells us.

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The Doctors are joined by Memphis, his dad Chris and motivational speaker and former firefighter Joe Torrillo. Joe tells Memphis and Chris he is donating $5,000 to help them with their ongoing expenses. We are also joined by cosmetic dentist Dr. Joe Willadsen from True Dentistry who offers to give Memphis a smile makeover.  Additionally, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk sends Memphis a message and a signed skateboard.

And in one final amazing surprise, Erik Schaffer from A Step Ahead Prosthetics offers to build Memphis bionic hands and prosthetic legs, at no cost to them. Our friends at Viana Hotel & Spa and JetBlue have offered to cover Memphis and Chris' travel expenses.

Memphis shares an inspirational message with The Doctors that he often tells others, "Don't give up and try your best and complete your goals and anything is possible."