How Former Addict Tim Ryan Helps Others Struggling to Get Clean

Playing A&E’s Tim Ryan Helps Addicts Struggling to Get Clean

The Doctors are joined by former addict and recovery advocate Tim Ryan who is helping others struggling with their own addiction issues. His quest to help those in need is highlighted in the new A&E documentary, "Dope Man."

"I want to help people. I'm sick and tired of burying people. I want to be that guy when someone calls up and says, 'I need help.' I'm there. Most of the people I help don't have any resources," he tells The Doctors.

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He reveals that getting sentenced to 7 years behind bars made him turn his life around. In addition to his own struggles with heroin, his son overdosed when he was just 21 years old, also from heroin. He feels that he is partly responsible for his son's death.

When it comes to finding the right rehab facility, Tim urges people to "do your research." He also reminds us that treatment is just the beginning and that a life in recovery, whether that is a 12-step program or something else, needs to follow.

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Tim feels the number of times someone has been in and out of treatment does not matter. "I tell people, if they've got a heartbeat, they've got hope," the "From Dope to Hope" author tells The Doctors. The recovery advocate says he has worked with heroin addicts ranging from 12 years old to 78.

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